HairCare Pro and Kissed By Light Studio Collaboration 

"The power of fine art photography allows HaircarePro to show the world how we can give women healthy, smooth and rejuvenating hair results and, more importantly – give a boost to your confidence!"

HaircarePro and Kissed by Light business collaboration 2023

Having a community of like-minded women willing to support each other can provide a sense of belonging and motivation. Working with someone who understands your passion, cherishes your hard work, and celebrates your success is priceless! That is how we feel about our work with Kissed by Light – a fine art photography studio who was able to make our vision come to reality. Since we have them by our side, it is no wonder that our photo shoot about Toronto Smoothing and Straightening Hair treatments turned out spectacularly!

HairCare Pro The artistic work of Kissed By Light photographers is empowering and astoundingly encouraging. Our goal is to promote healthy hair and a positive lifestyle. However, we cannot do that without the tools and skills of Kissed by Light's amazing photography team – the support every business needs!

Through the portrait photography session, we wanted to showcase the results of our services. Kissed by Light studio final work exceeded our expectations, and we are sincerely grateful for the stunning results! They chose a simple and clean background, professional lighting to ensure the focus remained on the main subject, which was the model's gorgeous, smooth, straight, shiny hair. We are thrilled with the final product – the branding photography shots came out beautifully, and our model's hair looks brilliantly in each photo.

These photographs show exactly what our goal was – the astonishing results of smoothening hair treatments. They serve to encourage women to pamper themselves and give themselves the treatment their hair deserves. Every woman needs shine for her hair because it is the crown we never take off. It was a great honor to work with Kissed by Light studio on our Toronto hair treatments photo session. They understood what we wanted and delivered it in a blink of an eye.

Kisses by Light studio is a female only photo studio, that will make you feel welcomed and comfortable from the moment you enter their studio in heart Toronto Junction District. They offer a wide range of photography services such as portrait, branded sessions, maternity, family photography and fine art boudoir. Don't hesitate to reach them out for all your photography needs.

HairCarePro and Kissed By Light Studio Photoshoot-2023