The gap between straightener plates? Is it a defect or a blessing?

Did you ever give up on the thought of buying the straightener you were eyeing on for so long, just cause the plates of that straightener do not completely touch when you clamp it close? Most of us have a misconception and usually don’t prefer buying straighteners that have a slight gap between their plates, considering it’s a manufacturing defect.

However, this is not a defect, this is part of the design, and here is why:

They Don’t Need To Be Without a Gap

Most flat irons you’ve seen or owned had plates that perfectly line up – so it makes sense to think that there’s something wrong with the plates that don't. However, straightening plates that touch, clamp down on the hair which can create unnecessary tension and excessive pulling and tugging, in turn damaging your hair. The small gap between your straightener plates allows your hair to feel the heat of your straightener, but also allows the plates to glide through the hair easily without damaging the follicle. High-quality straighteners distribute heat evenly between the plates so you don’t have to squeeze them together to generate the heat your hair is after. You easily create shiny, pin-straight hair without your straightener plates touching each other.

Plates Expand with Heat

When your flat iron is cool you will definitely notice the gap between the plates. As it heats up, the plates will expand and the gap will become less, however, it will still be there. Our straighteners are designed with floating plates so space is needed to allow the plates to move during styling.

To Avoid Tugging

The little gap between your plates provides safer styling as it will not pull or tug your hair which otherwise can cause damage. The heat is evenly distributed through the plates and you will find that with a gentle clamping together of the plates your hair fills that gap so you do not need excessive pressure or touching plates to straighten the hair.

We hope this article clears your doubts, and you are no more reluctant to pick a straightener with a little gap between its plates.

Happy Styling!

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