❗Can Hair Botox cause Hair fallout?
The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!
🌿HAIR BOTOX is not applied on the hair scalp, only hair shaft! 
In an effort to make your hair grow faster, you may have tried layering on products that claim to stimulate growth. None of these products really work, though, and it’s for one simple reason: Nothing you put on your hair can make it grow faster because all the hair you can see on your body is made of cells that are no longer living.
🌿 Therefore any HAIR TREATMENT/PRODUCT that is applied on your hair shaft CANNOT CAUSE any hair fallout, because hair shaft is dead cells. We can only improve the looks & visual effect.
❗If you have a concern of hair fallout, check your iron level, nutrition intake, stress related events, hormonal changes, alcohol,smoking etc - anything can effect hair in negative way same as it can affect skin.
🌿Hair Botox however makes your hair LOOK fuller, and decreases breakage as it repairs each hair strand. It feeds your hair with 100% natural ingredients including proteins, amino acids, collagen, vitamins, antioxidants and oils. The treatment is sealed into your hair with a flat iron. Afterwards, you will indulge in smooth, hydrated and rejuvenated hair.
❗As any cosmetic treatment it doesn't work the same on everyone and you can NEVER compare results as they will vary based on a lot of factors: original hair condition, nutrition intake, lifestyle & homecare after the treatment. 
Don't confuse it with hair growth - Hair Botox won't make your hair grow thicker or faster!
🌿Hair Botox is suitable for all hair types but it is an absolute must after hair bleaching/colouring session (7-14 days after)
🌿If your hair is in poor condition because of the frequent use of hair colour (especially blondes or balayages), hot tools, which can cause mechanical damage by roughing up the hair cuticle, or an overexposure to the sun without proper UV protection, a Hair Botox treatment is definitely the treatment for you!
💞So, say hello to beautiful, shiny and resilient hair with Hair Botox!💞